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Understanding the Housing Market: Market Conditions

Leeds skyline

Before getting into details about housing, it is important to look at the "big picture". You are entering the housing market, maybe for the first time, and whether you are living in university or private sector accommodation, the main determinants of what you can rent will be decided by the particular factors of your local housing market:

Whether there is enough good quality housing will determine:

If there an accommodation surplus or a shortage?

There is currently a surplus of student accommodation in Leeds. In 2012 there is likely to be a surplus of approximently 3,800 bed spaces. It is never to late to start house hunting. Students who wait until after the January rush are more likely to get a better deal. There is no need to rush in Leeds.

How expensive is it to live in Leeds?

To give you some idea of the housing market here are a few indicators:

Leeds average rents in 2011  for a room in different types of properties are as follows:

Property Type                  

Average Rent

Studio Flat


Private Hall

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Self-Contained Flat


Shared Flat


Shared House


Owner Occupier


What Can you expect to pay in the different areas within Leeds?



Burley Lodges


Brudenells (Hyde Park)


Hartleys (Woodhouse)          


Mayvilles and Norwoods (Hyde Park)


Beechwoods and Stanmores (Burley)


Richmonds and Manors

Headingleys and Estcourts








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